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The Beginning

The Vision

At Play Zenji, we believe that games are more than just a pastime - they're a way to connect with others, learn new skills, and have fun.

We are committed to providing other players worldwide with high-quality, mindful games, and to promoting the benefits of games to people of

all ages and backgrounds. Let's play!

About Zenji

Get ready to embark on a mind-bending journey and

discover the original, multi-leveled game play of Zenji.

Your victory calls upon your powers of

focus, memory and intuition.

Achieve a Zero mind, the perfect Zen state,

to score your elemental points!

Find your powerful, essential allies in the game:

The AVATARS of Air, Earth, Water and Fire!

This is Zenji , the ever-evolving, elemental card game!

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Zenji’s ‘’LOVE’' , Collectible Card


What’s in your Zenji box?

A STARTER’S DECK with 61 cards.

This deck consists of :

52 elemental playing cards.

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Illustration of Flame
70's Groovy Spiral
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4 ‘Zero mind’ cards.

(2 players : add 2 ‘Zero Minds’ to the game.

3 players : add 3 ‘Zeros’ , 4 players: add all 4 .)

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One ZENJI card

Zenji, the meditating monkey !

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4 Avatar cards.

Earth, Fire, Water and Air

Your powerful allies in the game

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Also in the Zenji card box:

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With 20 magic cards !

Once you master starter’s game play, add these expansion cards to your game.

These 20 magic cards spark infinite interactions between the players’ minds!

Introduce them one by one , master them slowly , watch your game expand.

For easy recognition, every magic card is marked with an infinity symbol.

Expand your minds and have fun!

Zenji’s ‘’SUN’' Collectible Card

Avatar of fire Collectible Card

Copyright © 2024 Play Zenji - All Rights Reserved.

Zenji rules and game play

Zenji has one basic, golden rule:

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The players with LESS points in their monkey mind

earn MORE elemental points from the higher mind.

Every playing round of Zenji

all players start with a mind

filled with 4 active monkeys.

Who calms the mind first?

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At the end of a round, every

player that achieved a clear

Zen-mind (zero-mind) gets

the elemental points!

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Zenji’s objective :

The first player to score


wins the game!

TIP for new players:

Make sure you have your REFERENCE CARDS close

to you during your first

Zenji rounds!


Reference cards:

Will be revealed

here soon !

Will be



soon !

Copyright © 2024 Play Zenji - All Rights Reserved.

Scroll UP to read about the basic ZENJI rules,

and get a summary of its unique game play!

Scroll DOWN to watch our instructional video !

It’s the best and easiest way to learn how to play.

Watch the Zenji


video here !

( This is a temporary test video .

the real tutorial will be here soon! )

Some pictures of the

Zenji tribe at play !

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Meet Joel, Zenji enthusiast, and one of the great

test players to help us co-create this card game!

A true ZEN master player with a message:

Don’t forget to remember:

‘’Zenjoy the moment!’’


Have a look around,

and play the day away!

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The original card game !

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5$ GIFT included in the first

100 games that we sell !

Be quick and your Zenji card game comes with a BONUS !

One unique collectible card

to start your Zen-collection!

(Each collectible valued at 5 $)

Meet the game creators.

Swijns DaVy

Chief Executive Gamer

Martina Slaninova

Creative Executive Queen


Co-creating Ambassadors

Infinite thanks to all the zenji Co-creatorS:

Our main inspiration: mother Nature and the four elementS.

thanks to: Farm volunteers. friends, family, all zenji test playeRS!

Maurice, FieN, NICK, Thaddaeus, Facundo, Wim VDZ, Uriel, Euriah, jennifer,

isaac, Joshi, Mary, Jen, Joel, tom, bieke, mirne, louis, Guido, elke, Seier,

sarah, mar, lucas, guadalupe, augustin, Daan, iris, vendula, anu, lada,

Tristan, star, chris, gozi, romeo, cesar, noreen, laura , kevin, maya,

martina, rosie, alex. And many more playful souls !

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